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Welbees is the creator of the TimeWiks tool. Welbees experts have developed internationally recognised expertise in managing stress and fatigue at work, to help you transform the way you organise your work.

Welbees can assist you with all your psychosocial risk management issues, as well as with the deployment of the TimeWiks tool for your organisation.

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Welbees has developed a unique approach based on predictive modelling of work-related stress and fatigue.

With internationally recognised expertise, Welbees has been assisting numerous air transport companies for several years in the management of staff stress and fatigue (Air Corsica, Vietnam Airlines, Dubai Airport, Eurocontrol, etc.).

The research conducted by Dr Philippe CABON, co-founder of Welbees, has been the subject of over 150 scientific publications. We also work closely with regulatory authorities and international institutions on the risks associated with employee stress and fatigue.

Convinced that improving the health, safety and quality of life at work of employees requires innovative and collaborative management of the organisation of work, Welbees has developed a unique scientific approach at the crossroads of data science and risk analysis, to enable you to identify and prioritise your actions on the ground.

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