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Stress, sleep disorders, anxiety, fatigue: all these symptoms are on the rise in companies. The resumption of activity in the current health crisis context is not without risk, as it requires work adaptations that must take into account the well-being of employees.

The training courses offered by TimeWiks Academy aim to meet these needs, particularly for companies whose employees work atypical hours.

The TimeWiks Academy was launched in 2021. This is the result of several years of work by our team of scientific and operational experts.

The TimeWiks Academy offers a comprehensive range of training courses that are regularly updated by Welbees experts. This year, new content has been developed to meet the needs of companies regarding human factors and psychosocial risks, particularly in the current health crisis. This crisis has profoundly changed the organisation of work, with effects on the health and well-being of employees.

We have also augmented our training offer with new interactive formats, integrating digital tools to facilitate learning and offer real follow-up for learners.

TimeWiks Academy training courses

Course 1

Individual management of fatigue and stress

Objectives: To raise awareness of the risks associated with fatigue and stress and to provide concrete recommendations

Individual management of fatigue and stress

Target audience: employees, managers
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Course 2

Managing psychosocial risks

Objectives: To understand and prevent psychosocial risks

Managing psychosocial risks

Target audience: Managers, Human Resources
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Course 3

Incident/accident investigation and analysis

Objectives: To understand the accident investigation and analysis process, to be aware of the use of accident analysis methods

Incident/accident investigation and analysis

Target audience: security personnel, investigators
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Course 4

Human factors and risk management

Objectives: To understand the basics of human factors and their implications for risk management

Human factors and risk management

Target audience: employees, managers
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Course 5

Safety management system and safety culture

Objectives: to understand the principles and methodologies of SMS implementation

Safety management system and safety culture

Target audience: safety management staff
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And many more formations to come in 2022...

Different learning formats according to your needs and expectations


In-person training brings learners together physically to acquire new skills or deepen existing ones. 

With on-site training, group work is energised by social interactions and exchanges between learners and trainers.

We recommend this format for certain types of training that provide specific knowledge or require a group exchange.

Blended learning (LMS)

Blended learning is a mix of on-site training and e-learning content. 

This innovative form of training combines the interactivity of traditional on-site training with the new tools available through e-learning. 

This combination allows learners to follow the training modules at their own pace while benefiting from expertise and interaction in the group and with our trainers.


Practical and easy to implement, the E-Learning modules can be accessed anywhere using a computer, tablet or smartphone.

A step-by-step follow-up of the different stages of the training course is carried out by our teams.

The pedagogy allows you to learn about different subjects through quizzes, videos, and other interactive content. 

This format, which is more accessible financially, is preferred to allow employees to train themselves on a variety of subjects through exercises and fun courses. It is ideal for an introduction to psychosocial risks or human factors issues.

Our Mission

Provide your organisation with the necessary tools to implement a psychosocial risk prevention approach adapted to your needs


Our Method

TimeWiks Academy is the result of the expertise acquired by our experts and consultants over the years through various projects in direct contact with our clients in their respective industries. 

The TimeWiks Academy has been created to meet your training needs in terms of Human Factors risk management.

Our trainers are known for their scientific and operational expertise in Human Factors and in the management of psychosocial risks (PSR). 

Our team is made up of occupational psychologists, specialists in the management of work hours and workload, as well as scientific and operational experts who are at your disposal to help you identify your needs, and to bring you high-quality courses for your preventive approach to PSR.

Our training courses contain unique exercises developed by our TimeWiks Academy experts. Take advantage of our experience acquired over many years with our clients through a condensed set of real-life case studies, in an engaging format. 

  • Case studies illustrating situations specific to your working environment.
  • Interactive tests at the end of each chapter to check that the knowledge has been assimilated

Whether it's online or on-site, we have implemented tools to monitor learners' progress.

These tools allow us to assess the level of understanding of the subject of the learners and to propose specific support according to their profiles and expectations.

Why TimeWiks Academy

Improve the knowledge of your employees and management teams

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Everywhere, all the time

All our training courses can be accessed on smartphones, tablets or computers


With the best trainers

Our team members are valued by our regular customers and have many years of experience as trainers.


Smart financing

Pay for your training directly with your personal training credit (CPF). Contact us to find out how to proceed.

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